13th Mar '09: Interesting -> FatLAB Vs NYCResistor.

25th Nov '08: Moved to a new host.

16th Nov '08: The reactable is just awesome.

05th Nov '08: Back in Dilli.

27th Oct '08: When will people realize that 87654321 is not a secure password for their wifi?

23th Oct '08: Leaving to chennai, Happy Diwali!

13th Oct '08: Currently playing -> m83, cocteau twins, the rapture, masaladoasa, dengue fever.

30th Sep '08: Slideshare is now alive with categories

24th Sep '08: Started with parasites like us

11th Sep '08: Found this. One of the best places to learn Rails.

04th Sep '08: Atlast done with GRE!

28th Aug '08: The new theme rocks! Thanks Heather

16th Aug '08: Version 2.0 lauched successfully, to quote W, "Mission Accomplished!"